S. M. Hart is the author of The Book of Rhino.  She wrote her first story, “The Secret Book” when she was a child.  In college, she studied accounting, humanities, and mathematics.  Ms. Hart earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, and taught at a large urban high school in Fresno, California for over twenty years.  She used stories, folk and fairy tales, poetry and prose to teach a variety of mathematics courses from algebra to calculus.

The teaching experience allowed Ms. Hart to investigate the connection between mathematics and imagination, between the prosaic and the poetical.  Working with teenagers gave her insight into the way they think and their interests.  It also developed in her the art of storytelling and exercised her sense humor.  Her debut novel, The Book of Rhino ~ The Revelation, is a historical fantasy based in part on her experiences as a teacher.

S. M. Hart is originally from Durango, Colorado and now lives in central California with her husband.