Gateway Books

I was Leviathan with a hook in my jaw, pulled inexorably onward by an unseen angler. The Book of Rhino When I read a book by an unfamiliar author that immediately engages my interest, I call it a “gateway book.” By my definition, a gateway book is one that hooks me on a particular writer. … Continue reading Gateway Books

Lake Tahoe

“Belief is faith in something that is known; faith is belief in something that is not known.” H. L. Mencken ~ “What I Believe” Lately on my Facebook page, there have been a few postings on political correctness: its definition, meaning, and origin. They put me in mind of political maps, the kind that delineate … Continue reading Lake Tahoe


He oozed himself into the pew next to her, taking care not to frighten her away. Once she tolerated his physical proximity, he could then seep into her mind, her heart, her soul. He would mold himself into whatever she desired until she was his. Father Caril ~ The Book of Rhino Daily Prompt:Ooze