Gateway Books

I was Leviathan with a hook in my jaw, pulled inexorably onward by an unseen angler. The Book of Rhino When I read a book by an unfamiliar author that immediately engages my interest, I call it a “gateway book.” By my definition, a gateway book is one that hooks me on a particular writer. … Continue reading Gateway Books

Glaring Omission

“I have observed the propensity of people to state facts rather than reveal truths. Why is that? Do they think that truth is so obvious it can be omitted from fact? Ignore the truth long enough, and ignorance becomes the fact of life.” Master Altman ~ The Book of Rhino Daily Prompt:Glaring


I am one of society’s essential bumblers; I show people the way not to go. It’s not a bad life, really–it gives me something to sing about. Malcolm the Bard ~ The Book of Rhino Daily Prompt: Bumble


What does one do with an untamed brain, one that refuses to be tethered to serious things? Try as I might, I can never get my mind to remain stalled in someone else’s drama; it insists on laughing its great horsey laugh. Master Altman ~ The Book of Rhino Daily Prompt: Tether

Map of the Journey

I trust my opinions because I don’t sail them into uncharted waters. But it has taken me years to draw the map. I had to recover from occasional shipwrecks along the way. Master Altman ~ The Book of Rhino Daily Prompt: Sail

I, The People

“Aunt,” Amalia asked, “why are we so ignorant?” Beatrice paused in her work and looked at her niece. “Well, now,” she said, “that is a rather unexpected question. Before I attempt an answer, please tell me who is ‘we’ and why is ‘we’ ignorant?” Amalia waved her hands in a circle. “We, all of us—me, … Continue reading I, The People