I, The People

“Aunt,” Amalia asked, “why are we so ignorant?” Beatrice paused in her work and looked at her niece. “Well, now,” she said, “that is a rather unexpected question. Before I attempt an answer, please tell me who is ‘we’ and why is ‘we’ ignorant?” Amalia waved her hands in a circle. “We, all of us—me, … Continue reading I, The People


It was approaching midnight, and Amalia lay awake on her bed. A week ago, Amalia had formed a plan that she meant to implement tonight. The sounds in the household indicated that the family was asleep. Amalia slipped from under the covers, fully dressed, grabbed her small satchel, and quietly crept down the stairs and … Continue reading Temptation

All About Why

The most beautiful, powerful, magical word in the universe is Why, yet nobody asks the question. Here we are living in world steeped in mystery, waiting to be discovered, and nobody asks “why?” Anyone can tell you about the “what” and the “how.” I am all about the Why. Master Altman ~ The Book of Rhino … Continue reading All About Why

What If?

“This is the secret to good storytelling: to lie, but to keep the arithmetic straight.” Kurt Vonnegut ~ Psalm Sunday Years ago on Saturday Night Live, someone asked, “What if girls had beagle faces?” I thought it was an odd question, but I admired the underlying principal of asking a what-if question. I like asking … Continue reading What If?