Captivating Pajama Bottoms


Pajama bottoms are the gremlins of the clothing world.

Their appearance is delightful in the store.
Pajamas are soft and cute in the store. They come in a variety of designs and colors and sizes. They are made to appeal to everyone. Who doesn’t want to own a cuddly pair of pajamas? They are captivating.

Their attitude is demure in the drawer.
Once you have them home, pajama bottoms behave themselves. They stay neatly folded in the dresser drawer and do not harass the other clothes. They are platonic friends with pajama tops and keep their hands to themselves. Who would suspect the darkness that hides inside? Pajama bottoms do not come with a proper warning.

Their action is dreadful in the washer.
When pajama bottoms get wet, they change into gremlins. They wrap themselves around the other clothes and do not let go. Any effort to disentangle them from other articles of clothing ends in disaster; their wet tentacles drag socks, panties, and tops, down to the floor with them. And as for pajama tops? All that pretended “platonism” goes down the drain once pajama bottoms are in the washer. They glom onto the pajama tops in a most disrespectful manner. In this way, pajama bottoms are truly captivating.

Their appearance is deceitful in the dryer.
The chief issue with pajama bottoms is that they are soft, warm, and cuddly after they are dry. One is hard-pressed to believe that the slimy monsters he or she removed from the washer are the same garment when taken from the dryer. In good faith, the unsuspecting pajama bottom owner folds them neatly and puts them away in the drawer. There they stay until the next wash day. The interval of time between drawer and dryer is too long for people to remember this important fact: Pajama bottoms turn into gremlins when wet.

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