Time to Rejoice

Happy New Year

Excerpts of Conversation from The Book of Rhino. They bring joy to my heart and encouragement to my soul. They make my spirit sing.


“Those who wish to live in a civilized society must have a social compact that everyone abides by for the good of the community.”

Parrish-Willow“If there were no shadows, we could not fully perceive the light.”

Waterhouse-Meadow“Why is it so hard to let go of ignorance, when knowledge beckons?”

Waterhouse-Tempest“It is better to let everything fall apart for the sake of the truth than to preserve the illusion of it.”


“Most of what we perceive does not touch us at the conscious level; it flows to the vast sea of unknown knowledge.”


“If I should lose the ‘me’ that I am, then I would lose everything.”

Mucha-Amalia“When the mind, heart, and body are in agreement, the choices one makes are usually for the good.”

Curious Hart


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