Purposeful Coincidence

Note to self: The Daily Press Word-of-the-Day is Coincidence . It reminded me of the following excerpt from The Book of Rhino ~ The Religion and that there are no coincidences in Fairy Land.


It is no use trying to account for things in Fairy Land; and one who travels there soon learns to forget the very idea of doing so, and takes everything as it comes; like a child, who, being in a chronic condition of wonder, is surprised at nothing.

– George MacDonald, Phantastes

Rhino dreamed he was in a great forest, solemn as a mountain, crowned with a cluster of stars, which threw down their spears in brilliant shafts of light. As he moved slowly among the trees, he became aware of the sound of water. First a whisper, then a shout, and finally a roar heralded a mighty wave that crashed through the branches and pounded at his feet. An answering tumult behind the boy caused him to abruptly turn and witness a river bursting its bonds from inside a rock. Sounds echoed around him of deepening pools formed by the streams at his feet. It was twilight; his heart sang the song of the waters in their greetings to one another. They called out to him, inviting him to partake of their joy.

When the waters abated, Rhino continued his journey through the forest. A hushed solemnity pervaded the atmosphere; it was fitting. The trees had removed their sandals from their feet for this was holy ground. The silence was so deep Rhino felt rather than heard the presence of another man entering the far end of the forest. In his arms he carried a babe. His measured tread and downcast face suggested a funeral procession. When the man reached Rhino, he stopped. A torc of gold circled his neck. He held out the child to Rhino, who gazed on the tiny face with compassion. He touched the child’s face, tracing the curve of dark circles under its eyes. The child stirred and opened its eyes in gratitude. Then the man pressed the child to his breast, his face of full hope and gladness, and strode from the forest, his footsteps now proclaiming victory.

High above the chimney of the trees, one star blazed brighter than its fellows. It slowly descended from its great height until it hovered directly in front of Rhino. The star glowed at five distinct points, each point touching a six-sided halo of gold. The trees began to flicker and wave about wildly. Rhino awakened and discovered that the fire in the hearth was nearly spent. In its remaining light, he made his way to the window and looked for the dawn. He did not fully understand the dream, but Master Altman had once said that visions and dreams speak for the soul, and the true heart finds a way to listen.

Rhino was disturbed. He felt he was called to search for something, but he had no idea what it was. Perhaps Albion held a secret that he was meant to find. Whatever the mystery, Rhino was not at all keen on discovering what it was. That was the thing about mysteries—they were just too mysterious! As far back as he could remember, Rhino had always led a very pragmatic life; however, it seemed that ever since his encounter with Amalia, another part of him was tapping at the door. His heart wanted something from him, and he had an uncomfortable suspicion it would not be altogether practical.

“Very well,” Rhino whispered in the darkness. “I will go exploring with you…BUT! We are going to do it my way.”


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