Mighty Wilfred

Note: I thought I would not be posting for a while but then I read the word of the day:Mighty It reminded me of the following passage from The Book of Rhino ~ The Revelation; I just had to share it. It certainly cheered me up.


“Follow this tunnel to a gate; inside the gate is a private garden. Here is the key. You will find Skandar waiting inside.” Then with a bow, Lord Lokinvar left Amalia alone outside the tunnel. With a rapidly beating heart, Amalia raced down the tunnel. Her trembling hands could scarcely insert the key in the lock. The gate swung open silently as Amalia pushed her way inside. She walked timidly into the garden and saw Skandar sitting on a bench with three other boys. She heard the sound of laughter. One of the boys glanced in her direction and saw her standing there.

“Hey, Skandar, I think your friend is here.” Skandar whipped his head around. Then with a whoop, he sprang from his seat, sprinted over to Amalia, and crushed her in a whirling embrace.

“Mole, I am so glad to see you. I am so glad that you came. Oh, Mole, I have missed you so.”

It was several seconds before he released her so that she could look at him properly.

“Great Light! Look at you! This is as bad as the nettles. Am I ever going to see what you really look like?” Skandar laughed and they embraced once again.

“Hoy, lads, come here and meet Amalia—Mole. She is the one I was telling you about. If anyone can find Rhino, she can.”

Amalia had no time to question this strange salutation because the next instant, she was surrounded by the other boys as introductions were handed around. Her hand was grabbed and pumped repeatedly.

“Hello, I’m Trevor; my father is Lord Vortimer of Essex.”

“I’m Elbert of Kent, the son of Lord Ethelred.”

“I’m Wilfred—but they call me ‘the Mighty’.”

“We do not.”

“Well, you should.”

“Why? What are you so mighty at—eating?”

“Lads, will you settle down a bit? You are going to scare her away.”

“Come on, Amalia, over here.” Skandar led Amalia to the bench. She and Skandar sat down and Wilfred, Elbert, and Trevor settled themselves on the grass in front of them. They looked up at Amalia expectantly.

“Amalia, I told the lads all about you and about the magic we discovered. They know about the cave and its magic ‘cause I took them there. So whatever you want to say about it, it’s alright. I even told them about my nickname, ‘Skunk.’ They like it so much they want one of their own.” He looked pointedly at Wilfred. “But no one is calling you ‘the Mighty.’”

Amalia was taken aback.

“Err…what is it you want me to do,” she asked.

“We would like you to find Rhino and bring him back,” said Elbert. “We think he is lost.”


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