The Actors’ Club


“This is an actors’ club, and I must admit that actors are far superior to writers when it comes to public speaking. They have somebody else write whatever it is they’re going to say, and then they memorize it. This is a club for memorize® and I think it’s nice that they have a club. Everybody who wants a club should have one. That’s what America is all about. That, and fighting different diseases, and so on.”

Kurt Vonnegut ~ Palm Sunday

I could never be in an actors’ club, a memorize® club, because I am not skilled at memorizing things. Also, I seem to remember what I need to know anyway. When I read something significant in a book, it sticks somewhere in my memory.

As a result, all of Life reminds me of a book I’ve read, which could mean one of two things. Either I have read a lot of books, or I don’t get out much.

Daily Prompt:Memorize


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