The Monsters We Create

Weeping Woman 1937 by Pablo Picasso 1881-1973Science and technology, like all original creations of the human spirit, are unpredictable. If we had a reliable way to label our toys good and bad, it would be easy to regulate technology wisely. But we can rarely see far enough ahead to know which road leads to damnation. Whoever concerns himself with technology, either to push it forward or to stop it, is gambling in human lives.

Freeman Dyson ~ Disturbing the Universe


Mary Shelley warned us in Frankenstein. So did Edith Nesbit and Kurt Vonnegut (The Magic City and Cat’s Cradle). It was certainly the main theme of Freeman Dyson’s book. Joseph Conrad called it “the horror” (Heart of Darkness.) Even John Grisham picked up the ball and tossed it around in Jurassic Park.

We are responsible for our creations—even when they turn out to be monsters.

Many writers have recognized this and have called on the human race to be careful. The Magic City is real; our “toys” remain with us once we give them life. But I think writers must also set the example and be careful of the monsters they create.

The Saurons, the Voldemorts, and the Kurtz’ of the literary world may be essential to the plot of a novel; but I think they all deserve a chance at redemption. They may all be like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster—a lonely heart in need of love. Why, even humans are like that.

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6 thoughts on “The Monsters We Create

  1. Wise words about writers and what we create. And yes, we are so very human ourselves. “Lonely hearts in need of love.” To which I might add, in keeping with your post, redemptive love that sees in us what we cannot yet see in ourselves.


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