Parrish-SocietyI say, then, that hereditary states accustomed to the family of their ruler are more easily kept than new ones, because it is sufficient if the prince does not abandon the methods of his ancestors.

Machiavelli ~ The Prince

How very interesting that the Daily Prompt is the word Paragon .

I wrote a novel about a paragon. Prince Rhino is the heir to a throne that has been in the family for six hundred years. He has been born into power and privilege. He has never known adversity, which he attributes to his being a paragon of leadership. But he is unaware of the one great disadvantage of being a paragon–paragons run the risk of never making a mistake.

I feel sorry for people born to excessive wealth and privilege. It can give then impression that they are paragons of humanity, that they are perfect. Unless their parents are watchful, children born to privilege can grow up like hot house flowers, with fragile egos that are crushed by the slightest adversity. In my opinion, to raise a child without any emotional tools to handle the trials of life is a form of abuse. One may as well send him or her out in the world naked.

Since I feel so strongly about caring for our children, I certainly took care of my literary child, Prince Rhino. I made sure that he has the opportunity to develop character through mistakes. I would not be so unfeeling, so cruel to let him go through life as a paragon. I want him to be human.


3 thoughts on “Paragon

  1. Wow… Impressive write-up. Love the way that you approach this write-up from such a different perspectives. Loving the way that you bring out your post too. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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