Safely Adrift

Ivan-Waves at Night

“I had always wanted, above all things, not to be ‘interfered with.’”

C.S. Lewis ~ Surprised by Joy

Recently, I got sixty-two new followers on Twitter. Sixty-two! All of them were marketers. I am pretty sure they wanted to sell me something, but I’m not buying.

There are a lot of things I do not buy, do not do, even though the experts advise me otherwise. I would rather be adrift in my own turbulent sea than safely secured to someone else’s anchor.

Daily Prompt:Adrift


2 thoughts on “Safely Adrift

  1. My My Sixty two!? quite a gold rush there! Yes, I agree. Sometimes I’d rather fail horribly doing things my own way than following a path someone else set before me. Stubbornness? I’d like to sing along to the tune of “My Way”. Great thoughts with the prompt 🙂

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