Social Compact ~ Collaboration

“People who wish to live in a civilized society need a social compact that all agree to uphold for the good of the community. Such a compact derives its validity and merit from its birth from within the community, not from being imposed upon the community by outside authorities.” The Book of Rhino ~ The Revelation


An element of a social compact closely related to community participation is collaboration. Community participants give of their time, talent, energy, and resources for the good of the community. Collaboration requires effective leadership, respectful interaction, and compliance with group norms in order to produce the best results.

Collaboration is essential if the community wants to practice democracy. Otherwise, as H. L. Mencken put it, the majority can inflict its evil will on the minority. Collaboration in a democracy demands that the majority serves—instead of rules—the community. In a collaborative community, the people in positions of authority use their power and influence to promote the welfare and interests of the smallest minority group.

In today’s elections, there is little evidence of healthy collaboration. Instead, candidates base their campaigns on what they say they can do for their constituents; their supporters are motivated by what they think their candidate can do for them.

In this climate, those in the majority view their victory as a personal mandate to get what they want, even if it tramples the preferences and interests of those in the minority. This is the inherent danger of democracy. Without true collaboration, a new group of tiny dictators emerges with each election

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