Fox and the Pinks

Daily Press Word Prompt: Pink


Skunk and Mole strolled through the forest to their favorite tree. To their surprise, there was a fox resting against it humming.

“Fox!” exclaimed Mole, “What are you doing here? You need to get under cover quick or the hounds will find you.”

In response, Fox yawned and stretched his arms overhead.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “Mr. Spooner has got it into his pea brain to woo Miss Palliser so over the great hall he betook himself just this morning.”

“Mr. Spooner of Spoon Hall?” asked Skunk.

“The very one,” answered Fox, chuckling. “Oh, you shoulda seen him! What a sight he was in his dark-blue frock-coat and his colored silk neck-handkerchief! Why, Mr. Finn was so absorbed in observing this great difference in the man, he scarce spoke a word at breakfast. Everyone at the great hall was in a muck. Truth is, in a pink coat, Mr. Spooner always looks like he had been born to wear it, but his attempt at being sprightly is painful.”

“Never mind about Mr. Spooner’s sprights,” said Skunk. “Just because he won’t ride today doesn’t mean the pinks won’t hound you.”

“Well, that’s how much you know about the Chiltern covers—or their riders. Without Mr. Spooner, them gentlemen have no more chance of flushin’ me than a toilet in winter.”

Fox rolled onto his belly and plucked a small twig from his ear. Mole and Skunk looked at each other in dismay.

“Fox,” Mole pleaded, “Mr. Spooner wooing today doesn’t mean you’re safe from the hounds. What about tomorrow and the next day? Can he pitch that much woo?”

“Not to worry. Word has it that Miss Palliser has just inherited ten thousand from her uncle. A fortune like that sets fire to a man like Mr. Spooner, especially seeing as how he had the drawing room refurbished especially for Miss Palliser’s pleasure. He needs to recoup his investment and will keep at courtship until it sails into a matrimonial harbor.”

Fox rose and trotted over to his friends.

“I ‘ppreciate your concern, I really do,” he said. “It touches me in all the right places. But you must not worry about me. Miss Palliser will keep Mr. Spooner on tenterhooks the entire season while the pinks ride their tender parts off looking for me.”

“And what about next season?” asked Mole. “What if Mr. Spooner decides to ride again?”

Fox tapped his head and winked.

“I got a plan,” he said. “Next season, I’ll be in America. They got no pinks, greens, or any other color coat to speak of. I’ll be safe there and will end my days in peace. I heard they’re quite welcoming to foreigners.”


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