The (Insert Adjective) Character

I don’t tell a reader that much about a character; I let the reader be in the same room with him or her. I allow the reader to see what the character does, hear what the character says, and watch how he or she behaves in various situations. I want reader to form their own relationships with the characters, feeling their own emotions and thinking their own thoughts.

So I was somewhat surprised when I saw a book advertised on the Internet that told everyone what to think and feel about the character–it was in the title of the book (which I am not going to name.) While this is not something I would recommend, the idea did inspire an amusing activity–renaming well-known novels based on their characters. Can you guess the original titles?

Revised Book Titles

The Water-Soluble Witch

The Southern Flirt-Bride-Widow-Bride-Widow-Bride-Divorcee

The Prefers-Blood-to-Burritos High School Girl

The Dynamiting Architect

The Scary but Kindly yet Deadly Neighbor

This was fun. Perhaps that is what the author I mentioned above was doing–just having some fun with us. I always appreciate a good joke.



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