Dueling Perfumes

via Daily Prompt: PerfumePerfume

High school freshmen are not subtle when it comes to the cologne or perfume they wear. In their world, what smells good to them (a) must smell good to everyone and (b) must be used in copious amounts.  Sometimes the fumes were overpowering as each scent competed with the others for world domination.  It reminds me of a song.

“Dueling Perfumes”

I’m sweet and just a little cloy…

Oh, yeah, well, I smell like a boy…

A hint of fruit, a flower, a rose…

A shove of musk right up your nose…

I’ll linger after I’m away.

You will choke on what I spray.

I will tease your nose.

I will bomb your clothes.


Just who will win our duel of scents

Is hard to say; it makes no sense.

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