Roosevelt High School

via Daily Prompt: ZipZip


Roosevelt High School was built in 1928.  That makes it one old school.  It is so old the skeletons of dead cockroaches, spiders, and earwigs have accumulated in the walls, adding to the insulation.  In my first year there teaching, one of my fellow teachers told me that dust from the insect skeletons blew through the air ducts and found its way into my lungs every time I took a breath.  Funnily enough, I was not comforted by that thought.  The teacher wasn’t either, which is why she felt compelled to share it with me.

Note to self:  If a thought is unpleasant to think about, it helps to share it with others; it distributes the burden of thinking it.

Roosevelt High School’s zip code is 93702.  A recent article in the paper stated that children living in the area have three times the rate of lead poisoning as children living in Flint, Michigan.  For years I drank the water out of water fountains at Roosevelt High School.  Zip code 93702.  The thought makes me feel like a mutant with insect skeletons in my lungs and lead in my blood.  However, I am not going to share that thought with anyone; I will keep my mutancy to myself.

Note to self:  If I wake up some morning and find I have turned into a large vermin, I will write a note to Kafka, saying “It’s true!  It’s really true!”

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