map-monsterThe last few weeks have unraveled me; I have been gathering my thoughts in an attempt to get raveled again. Like any self-respecting Five, I have been asking the Great Why. This is the result, thus far, of my inquiry.

I recently realized that I been cast in a supporting role in other people’s plays. And you know what that means–lines to memorize, rehearsals to attend, costumes to fit, and choreography to stumble over. No wonder I’m tired! Moreover, these are all dramas.

I recently read that sales of dystopian novels about dysfunctional societies have increased since the 2016 election. 1984, It Can’t Happen Here, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, etc. are all in demand right now. Politicians have, unfortunately, cast the American people in supporting roles for their dramas. No wonder people say they are sick and tired.

I see that many of the books promoted on social websites are dystopian in setting and content. Their authors will probably do well in sales because people can relate to a dysfunctional world.

We all write our own story about ourselves. We build a world and populate it with characters. We create the setting and the background, the terrain over which we travel. We write the laws and determine the consequences of breaking them. And, boy oh boy, do we have conflict!

Based on my inquiry, I have concluded that my book–The Book of Rhino–will probably not be very popular. I don’t do dystopia; I don’t even do datopia. The fact is that Rhino is Untopia. It’s my own little play about humanity. It’s not a drama; it’s not technically a comedy. It’s just my own hymn of joy to Life.


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