Observant Ray of Sunshine

kleitsch-byzantiumJust to let you know, I am sailing to Byzantium.  However, I will not live there; instead, I will build myself a little hut on the beach and watch the waves.

Last summer I took a quiz to determine which type of writer I was.  It was presented by The Ugly Side of Writing which I found on Alexei Maxim Russell’s website. The six type of writers are:  The Space Cadet, the Greasy Palm, The Weird Recluse, The Angry Young Man/Woman, The Ray of Sunshine, and The Bitter Failure.

The quiz concluded that I was 100% Ray of Sunshine, 33% Weird Recluse, and 33% Space Cadet.  I posted a question asking why the results totaled over 100%; the response was that I am totally Ray of Sunshine, with the other two on the side.

I was first introduced to The Enneagram over twenty years ago.  My friends and I took a weekly class on the subject.  During the course, it was determined that I am a Five, the Observer.  Each enneagram has an integrating self and a disintegrating self.  An example of an integrated Five is Albert Einstein; an example of a disintegrated Five is the Unabomber.

How is  Ray of Sunshine (with hints of Weird Recluse and Space Cadet) connected to Albert Einstein and the Unabomber?  I’m curious about that.  Even though I cannot yet articulate an answer, my reptilian brain understands.

One of my friends took a Facebook quiz to determine who is whom in her mafia.  I am The Hitman.  Some part of me understands this also.

Thanks for reading.  I hope some part of you understands what I have shared about myself.


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